Edith Romy, Genève







Born in Wetzikon (Zürich), Edith ROMY settles down in Geneva in 1951. She participates in different artistic seminaries in Germany, Austria and France.

In the path of some French painters such as Césanne, Pissaros she acquires the deep sense of the colors that condition the volume.

Always in search of the structure that corresponds with her temperament and on the lookout for the subject more by the form and the color than the drawing itself..Paints the essential character of the objects. Works by strokes, fixes spontaneously her perceptions.

Her paintings are generous and without hesitations. Her touch has a feminine and melancholic grace.

Attracted by the beauty of the Provence, region in the south of France, a great deal of her work reflects the light and colors of those regions.

Member of an international group of artists, she tends to follow her own instinctive path in search of a more personal and liberated expression and thus moves from figurative to abstract painting.

Since 1986 she participates in numerous exhibitions, both particular and collective.

She resides and works in Geneva.




2008 Expo Art Thônex,Genève

2005 Les Salons,Genève

2004 Villa Dutoit, Genève

2004 Europ'Art, Genève

2003 Galerie Art Varmés, Genève

2002 L'Oléotheque, Neuchatel

2001 Galerie Delafontaine, Carouge

2000 Château de Genthod, Ge

1999 O.M.C,Genève

1898 American International Woman's Club, Genève

1998 Magasins du Monde,, Rolle

1997 Galerie Cartier, Versoix

1997 Château de Rolle,

1996 Forum de Meyrin

1996 Hippelkrone Kerzers

1995 Galerie des Mouettes, Cointrin

1995 Galerie du Rhône, Genève

1994 Noga Hilton, Genève

1994 Galerie Open, Genève

1991 Galerie 1990, Carouge

1990 Galerie Delafontaine, Carouge

1987 Hòtel La Réserve,Bellevue

1986 Galerie K. Genève

2001 1er prix, Espace Homme,

Galerie Delafontaine, Carouge