Lisa Kressig, Geneva






Lisa Kressig was born in the Emmental in Switzerland. Paralell to Business college she studied voice at the conservatory in Bern and London. In New York, she added modern dance to her artistic expression. Much later she began to paint. She lived in England, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Pakistan and France. She also traveled a lot.

Back in Switzerland, painting became her main artisitic expression. Private lessons and a 3 years instruction in a painting-atelier gave the start to exhibitions in 1985. She goes regularly to master seminaries in Austria, Germany and France. She had teachers like Peter Bernhard (Murnau, Germany), Joseph Winkler (Salzburg, Austria) and lately at the Art Academie Bad Reichenhall, Sigi Braun, well known German abstract painter.

Her modern paintings express visions of the present, enriched by experiences she had with contacts of people over the whole world. The paintings reflect her calm and positive attitude towards nature and life.

She believes that painting is something that has its source in the unconscious, not to show the visible, but the invisible.

Solo Exhibitions

1993 American Women's Club, Genève

1993 Hippel Krone, Kerzers

1994 La Galerie des Mouettes, Genève

1995 Hippel Krone, Kerzers

1995 La Galerie du Nouveau Kermont, Chambésy

1997-98 LOEB Treppenhausgalerie, Berne

1998 American Women's Club, Genève

1999 Espace Penta, Forum Park Hotel, Genève

1999 Galerie Benz, Bâle

2001 Espace Penta, Forum Park Hotel, Genève

2003Galerie Art Varmès, Genève

2004Europ'ART, Palexpo, Genève

2004Espace Ramada Park, Genève

2005Europ'ART, Palexpo, Genève

2006Galerie Milchhütte, Zumikon-Zürich

2006Art Hotel Rebstock, Lucerne

Collectives Expositions

1985 Hotel Grenil, Genève

1987 Le Forum, Genève

1992 Villa Le Chêne, Genève

1993 America Women's Club, Genève

1994 Espace Hilton, Hôtel Hilton, Genève

1994 Art Club, Onex

1994 IWA, Hôtel Hilton, Genève

1995 IWA, Hôtel du Rhône, Genève

1996 Château de Rolle, Rolle

1997 Galerie Hôtel Penta, Genève

1997 Galerie Delafontaine, Carouge

1999 Rathaus Hofheim, Allemagne

Members of artist’s group

International Women's Artists, Genève

Groupe 88, Allemagne

Art Triangle, Genève, Düsseldorf, Salzburg


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